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Russets, reds and whites. Minitubers produced from tissue culture plantlets in a greenhouse at the Lelah Starks Elite Foundation Seed Potato Farm in Rhinelander, WI.

Goldrush (U.S. Patent No.5,434,343) Oblong russet. Medium maturity. Plants medium in size, upright. Tubers smooth with attractive russet skin. Good baking and boiling qualities. Medium yielding ability. Less susceptible to scab and early dying complex than Russet Norkotah. A royalty of 3% of gross seed sales is collected by North Dakota State University Research Foundation.


Atlantic: Round white. Midseason maturity. Plants are large and upright. Tubers are smooth, round and uniform with light to heavy scaly net. Good dual purpose chipping and table variety. This variety is somewhat susceptible to scab and hollow heart.



Field Inspector Rick Hafner with the Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification Agency

Norland: Round red. Early maturity. Plants medium size, spreading. Tubers round to oblong with smooth skin and shallow eyes. Good yielding ability. Moderate scab resistance.
Note: Red Nodand and Dark Red Nodand possess similar characteristics as Norland except for darker red color. Excellent early market varieties. Russet Burbank: Long russet. Late maturity. Plants very large, spreading. Tubers large, long, cylindrical to flattened with heavy netted skin. Secondary growth can cause very rough tubers. Excellent cooking and processing qualities. Somewhat scab resistant.
Note: NL (NewLeaf) & NL+ (NewLeaf Plus) selections: Genetically modified to confer resistance to the Colorado Potato Beetle (NL) and resistance to Colorado Potato Beetle plus resistance to Potato Leaf Roll Virus (NL+). Proprietary varieties of NatureMark, an operating unit of Monsanto Company.

Harvesting potatoes

Russet Norkotah: Long russet. Medium early maturity. Plants medium in size. Tubers long and smooth with attractive russet skin. Good baking and boiling qualities. Medium yielding ability but yields high percentages of carton size potatoes. Susceptible to early dying complex and pinkeye. Much less susceptible to hollow heart than Norgold Russet.

Snowden: Round white. Medium late to late maturity. Plants large. Tubers smooth, round, uniform with light to heavy scaly net. Irrigation, wide spacing and heavy fertilization required for optimum productivity. Excellent chipping quality out of field or out of cold storage. Reconditions well. Moderately resistant to early blight.

Superior: Round white. Medium early maturity. Plants medium size, upright, but large, spreading growth possible under optimum conditions. Tubers uniform with slightly netted skin. Excellent chipping quality and table appeal. Scab resistant, but susceptible to late blight and early blight. Greatest potential shown under irrigation.


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